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The Meta Cars 25

The main idea of the project is to build and assemble the 25 unique cars. Everyone of these cars has its own NFT graphic art. The owner of the NFT will become the owner of the real car as well! That is why the future owner will be able to invest twice, save and increase his money!

Mitsubishi GT3000 car
secret metacar
secret metacar
secret metacar
secret metacar
secret metacar

In summary will be 25 unique cars..

The Main Secret of Our Idea

We have everything that you need to start the project!

First, it is our unique car! The only car in the whole world in this tuning design! This car has the NFT. It is Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

The second one is that we see the implementation of the project with great prospects and scaling in the future! Also, we have a roadmap for starting the project today!

Finally, the profit of this project will be used to finance and implement the development of the main project! Which is called «Game of Life».


The Big Dream!

The main goal is the «Game of Life» project.

This opportunity will help people change their lives! The project will work in three directions. The participants will choose their way and will be able to get a results in any of these fields. For example financial results, career improvements, health education, and spiritual development.

Overall a regular human has three basic things. There are health, finance, and spiritual development in life. All these components are closely related to each other. A quality combination of these components makes your life better!

This project will change a quality of your life and a quality of the whole world. Get to improve yourself and help transform our planet together!

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Our team is a group of smart, good and progressive people






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